Wedding Cakes by Black Sheep Bakery

Now you’re talking to me, the owner and creator, Sue Porter. I’ll tell you the story and I’ll make it snappy. Imagine a twenty two year old with a great idea and four thousand dollars in the bank. Five years ago that was me. While I was working full time at a popular Portland, Oregon breakfast cafe, The Cup and Saucer, I started a business. I had no formal schooling in either business or baking. I had a great idea, a whole lotta nerve and an uncanny ability to perform on very little sleep. Fast forward through stress, sweat, mistakes, lessons, new competition, botched recipies, nervous baking class appearance and all the other junk that can happen in the course of five unlikely years. Now we are a well known staple in a highly concentrated vegan community. We boast a solid wholesale menu focusing on consistency, creativity and affordability. The website has been shipping Black Sheep Bakery mixes to cities I’ll probably never go to. And, last but not least, we are building a production facility four times larger than where we’ve been. The future is bright and shiny and I’m happy that you get to be a part of it.

I am a baker and a cake maker trained at Cake in a Box. I was a baker before I ever slipped my hand into flour. I’ve devoted half of my life to my craft of making cakes. I’ll tell you my view on baking; it is the eternal harmony of science, art and sensuality. We begin with a mathematical formula made up of cups, ounces, teaspoons, liquid and dry. We take this formula and we engage the other half of the brain, the half that propels us through the bittersweet art of creation. For this we are relying on our senses of taste, smell, touch, sight, sound and instinct. Baking and creating wedding cakes is an infinitely evolving craft. While it’s likely you’ve heard someone say that baking is an exact science, to that I would add, an exact science evolving by the grace of creative imprecision. What one might call a mistake another would see as a new recipe. That, you see is my philosophy. Use it if you like it, leave it if you don’t. If you want more wedding cake design samples pop along to The selection is impressive and recommended viewing for wedding hints and ideas.

At Black Sheep Bakery our purpose is simple: offer people the best tasting, best looking, legitimately vegan baked goods and wedding cakes that we can possibly create. To accomplish this, we took traditional recipes and custom made them vegan, ensuring the highest quality result. Our baking mixes come from recipes that have been baked, sold and sought after since the turn of the century. After hand crafting hundreds of thousands of cookies, brownies, coffeecakes and muffins, the recipes are now yours to make.

With Black Sheep Bakery making your cake you’ll have one more choice to make; whether or not to tell your guests that they’ve eaten a vegan cake. If you don’t tell they may never know. That’s how good Black Sheep Bakery cakes are. Prices and flavors provided upon request. Email us.