About Us

In Black Sheep Bakery’s 9 years of business they’ve given 820,000 chickens a day off.

Amanda Felt started Black Sheep Bakery in January 2000 with a pick up truck, a corner of rented kitchen space and a few friends with coffeeshops. The company made its mark by creating a line of vegan baked goods that anyone would want to eat. And eat they did. Felt quickly quit her day job and lassoed accounts with Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Whole Foods and a smattering of New Seasons locations. But something was missing. After two years of growing sales in Portland coffeeshops, cafes and groceries, Felt decided to dip her toes into the wild world of retail. By 2005 Black Sheep Bakery began selling at the Portland Farmers Market and opened the companies first coffeeshop, complete with bike-thru window. We now sells to 65 stores in the Portland/Vancouver area, pitch our tent at 3 farmers markets, operate two cafes, make vegan brides and grooms happy and just launched a line of vegan/gluten free artisan chocolates.

We are constantly working to gratify the changing priorites of our customers; whether it be with a greater variety of gluten free items or simply not raising our prices. Our intention is to remain an approachable and adaptable company.